Giantress Femboy Breeding

Few things in life are better than looking down at a BIG submissive Femboy you’re about to fuck. Especially when they look up at you like you’re the gateway to Heaven and making love to you is their sole purpose. Aum gets a dirty breeding while wearing a Thailand football jersey and knee high socks.

Aum has a nice shaved cock and big soft body. Aum also has a smooth tight ass that she wants you to help in her training. After a blowjob Aum’s big buns open and her ass penetrated by cock. Aum cum all over herself, making a puddle of girl cum on her soft belly.

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SHAFTED – Getting Your Sex Toys back AND REVENGE FUCKING!

Foxxy helps Beretta get revenge on her ex after they sneak into his apartment to steal back her sex toys. The two decide a fuck fest on his bed is a WAAAYYY better than simply stealing his toys.

Foxxy ties up Beretta’s hands and starts teasing her pussy. The two light up the room with their chemistry and the hot sex does exactly what they wanted – leaves a huge messy pile of revenge! Foxxy fucks Beretta’s pussy, ass and mouth in great, athelic positions with stamina that rivals a sex machine!


Yuria: newhalf princess

WE LOVE Yuria Misaki! Her flawless curves, her perfect rack, that tight little rear and big, ever-hard, juicy girlie tool in her panties. She’s a cool and sophisticated beauty with an enchanting air about that just seems to lure you in. Personally, I could sit and look at her all goddam day! Back for set #6 is the gorgeous Yuria Misaki!


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Chains, Pain and Pleasure

Lisa, Lisa is there anyone finer than you? This trick ass ho has the dark hue fo sho. I mean her cock n balls look like some two tone pain job on a cheap Chevy. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. Lisa’s fat cock is just the right cut of meat for you to choke out on and still feel good about your effort. Black fish nets and a face that launched a thousand money shots-damn son; this is lady boy gold incarnate.

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Schoolgirl Gaping Sex

Few things are better than make-up sex, especially when it’s with Benz! Her slim feminine body laying in bed still wearing her stockings. Benz wakes up and she’s a horny minx. Her playing under the covers “wakes up” the cock and Benz goes to work pleasing her new-found erection.

Benz’s mouth bobs up and down cramming as much dick down her throat as possible. Benz can’t wait to get the salty stick up her eager ladyhole. Her cat-like reflexes spring into action and like a cat in heat climbs onto the bareback pole. She rides up and down cowgirl style, impaling herself fully. Benz’s cock is HUGE, pointing up in horniness whole her ass engulfs the raw cock.

Benz loves being fucked HARD, relishing the sex as the dick bottoms out in her outstretched winker. Benz widely GAPES, her asshole gazing open for full enjoyment. Benz takes this break to go ass-to-mouth and show was a perfect Ladyboy she is.

Benz lays back on the bed missionary with her long legs in the air. Her stocking clad feet in full view as her asshole is ravished again and again. Benz’s anus is open as it stretches around the big dick. The pressure on Benz’s prostrate is intense and she cums all over herself.

In order to be fully satisfied Benz must taste cum between her lips. Who can argue with that, and the POV cock spurts a gooey load of sperm form the his piss slit onto Benz’s waiting tongue.

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Denim Girlfriend Dress Barebacking

Gee is a gorgeous post-op ladyboy with an unstoppable lust for sex. She wants nothing rather than a bare cock to fill both of her hungry holes. Shortly after entering the bedroom a bare cock slides deep into her mouth as she’s still stripping out of her baby blue denim girlfriend dress. Before succeeding in undressing entirely Glee already flips to a doggystyle position and puts her white panties aside. She spreads her pussy wide open for some untamed bareback sex followed by a cumshot leaving her SRS pussy cream filled.


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Blonde Teen PJ Bareback

The purest of teen dreams, nubile blondie Lorla rides the biggest white cock she can find! Lorla comes into bed in her cute frilly blue pajamas. With a sweet smile her small hand wraps around the root of a ready cock and her wet mouth envelops the head.

Lorla makes it nice and wet, her full ripe tits in full view now. She wants to experience that big cock in her tight teen hole and strips down. Not knowing if she can fit the entire cock inside Lorla lays side-saddle to allow for leverage into her teenage ass-pussy. It’s a tight squeeze but Lorla is up for the challenge. Inch by inch the throbbing member disappears inside. Lorla’s mouth hangs open as she’s opened up. Her ass being trained like a good Ladyboy.

Lorla’s ass muscles relax and the pleasure is intense. She is fucked doggystyle, cowgirl and missionary. Lorla’s soft feet are caressed and the feeling of her feminine skin touch as she rides is pure bliss. The cock withdraws from Lora’s gaping teen hole and sprays sperm all over.

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Stunning Kae Is Back!


Em is a sexy Asian tgirl with a hot soft body, a nice round ass and a hard cum filled cock! See this sexy transgirl jacking off! Kae is a stunning Asian Grooby girl with a sexy slim body, big perky tits, a nice bubble butt and a huge hard cock! Watch this sexy tgirl jacking off and cumming! Sexy Luktan has a hot body, a nice juicy ass, big sexy boobs and a delicious rock hard cock! See this lovely transgirl masturbating and cumming for you! Sexy slim Meena has a hot body, long black hair, a firm ass and a hard uncut cock! See this hot tgirl jacking off and cumming for you! Rina is a sexy Bangkok tgirl with a hot body, small breasts, a nice ass and a big hard cock! See this hot transgirl fucking herself with her dildo and stroking her big hard cock!

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Bunny Sasaki

Our very own Osaka starlet Beni Sisaki is back for her 5th set today in a scene that is guaranteed to make you tight in the trouser department! Dressed in her mouth-watering bunny attire and killer heels, playful Beni delivers yet another jaw dropping display as she continues to rise up the ranking of the world’s hottest newhalf! Playfully posing for Hiro’s lens it’s not long before this little firecracker is stripped bare and stroking that sweet shenis which she keeps so neatly tucked in her underwear. It’s an explosive finale to yet another week of blistering updates right here on SMJ!


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Sexual Identity Experiment: Venus Lux in Hospital Threesome Feature!

Venus and Bella pretent to be lab technicians in a sexual arousal study. The goal of the research is to determine sexual identity in males. With electrodes hooked to his penis, Sam sits in front of a monitor playing porn. When he starts to get turned on, the electrodes measure his erection.
When a scene from TsSeduction plays, his cock starts to perk up. He’s said he only likes sex where he sticks his penis in a vagina, but his cock is saying otherwise. Every time the on screen male gets his ass fucked, Sam’s penis gets harder.

This is just the results Venus and Bella were hoping for and not because of the study but because they can now fake a set up for “part two” of the trial and have him use his now hard cock on Bella before Venus gets in there with her own cock.

This hot medical play threesome is a feature shoot and has some fine ass fucking and great threesome sex. Sam gets used and tossed out like one of those paper sheets!

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